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You´re on camera with “Worms 1521”

Yesterday was a long movie shoot. At least from my perspective. Last week I had mentioned Liu Yi from Insight Studios (Hong Kong). She had inquired about the Old Latin School, looked around and bought some books – like “The … Continue reading

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He´s out – and nobody will stop Him now + Thank God +

Well, in nine months is Christmas – if our good Lord hasn´t returned by then. Signs are good, that His coming is as close as never 😊   It´s fascinating to see, how fast everything is changing around us. Suddenly the daily … Continue reading

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Invocavit: Luther contra iconoclasts

The iconoclasts – radical reformers under the raving extremism of Dr.Andreas Karlstadt – were throwing out the baby with the bath water. Trying to introduce the precious gospel of our Lord, they went overboard and started to attack art work, … Continue reading

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