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Vindicate me, o God!

Looking forward to the 5th Sunday in Lent: “Judica!” (Vindicate me, o Lord! Psalm 43) It´s all about finding justification and how God´s people seek His defense against blame, heavy charges and accussations – as they despair of getting it … Continue reading

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Lord Jesus Christ, You have prepared this feast for our salvation

Well, one of my English regulars came to excuse herself from tomorrow´s divine service. That´s just how it should be. Coming is no deal. It´s the expected normal and goes without saying but being absent is the exception and apologies … Continue reading

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It is right for us to fulfill all righteousness…

Now, this is what the Lord says,the one who created you,and formed you:“Don’t be afraid, for I will protect you.I call you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah 43: 1 (Watchword for the 6th Sunday after Trinity) We pray: Almighty God, beloved … Continue reading

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Another day in summer

Good morning in Wittenberg. Spectacular sunrise – and that early in the morning at 4h54. The fiery sky promises changing weather: “Red in the morn is the shepherd´s warn!” Nothing surprising if You bargain with “Schafskälte” – a meteorological phenomenon … Continue reading

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Hiking up the Brocken

Good morning to You from a wonderfully sunny Wittenberg. The spring colors are amazing. The many variations of green are something to behold. And then you find those red poppies in full bloom, wherever the weedicides didn´t reach. Gorgeous.  For … Continue reading

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Das Osterfest nimmt seinen Lauf…

Als unser Herr Jesus Christus vom Tode auferstanden ist und seine Jünger aufs Neue aus der Zerstreuung, der Finsternis und Schatten des Todes sammelte, hat er ihnen aus dem Alten Testament aufgezeigt, wieso und weshalb es alles so kommen musste. … Continue reading

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Favorite holiday: Maundy Thursday!

One of my favorite holidays is Maundy Thursday. Not only because on this day at the latest the long weekend started, but also because it was an evening service – nearly as festive, dramatic and emotional as Christmas. Obviously, I … Continue reading

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Siehe, Dein König kommt zu Dir!

Palmarum: Der 6. Sonntag in der Passionszeit. Wir ziehen mit hellen Fanfaren in die Stille Woche: Gloria, laus et honor tibi sit, Rex Christe, Redemptor,  cui puerile decus prompsit Hosanna pium. Antwort auf den Prozessionshymnus Gloria, laus et honor  Das heißt: … Continue reading

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Psalm 130: 6th penitential Psalm

From the deep water I cry out to you, O Lord.O Lord, listen to me.Pay attention to my plea for mercy.If you, O Lord, were to keep track of sins,O Lord, who could stand before you?But you are willing to forgive,so that you … Continue reading

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O Gott, der Du schufst Himmel und Erd…

O Gott, der Du schufst Himmel und Erd,Du schufst sie gut, gerecht und pur,dass niemand als Leergut rumtreibt nur,als ob Tods bestimmt von Geburt.Vielmehr, Dein Wort stets Leben sätDein Triumph in gefallener Welt.Dein Licht erstrahlt, schenkt Leben.Du hast es uns … Continue reading

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