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Highs and lows on the way

Grateful for the opportunities via the Internet. Not only meeting local pastors online, but friends and family far and wide. It´s become a welcome common room even as the market plain, church quadrangle, tea garden and public space are currently … Continue reading

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Making friends in “Geisterstadt”

LinkedIn reminds me, that I´ve been here in Lutherstadt Wittenberg for three years already. That´s about as long as our good Lord´s public ministry lasted back in His days. For me it feels like a lifetime, but for others here, … Continue reading

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Encourage them to come in!

„Then people will come from east and west, and from north and south, and take their places at the banquet table in the kingdom of God.” (Lk.13,29 – Watchword for the 3rd Sunday in Epiphany) Last Sunday we heard, how … Continue reading

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Escape in winter gardens

In the current lockdown the winter gardens of Wörlitz are out of bounds for most.  We´re only allowed to visit within a 15km circumference. Still, a number of locals made it out to this frosted location and some of us … Continue reading

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Songs of Thankfulness and praise…

When I finished my initial studies in Germany, we subscribed to the latest edition of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia. It was to last a lifetime. The annual updates kept coming even when we moved to Pretoria. Angelika used it sometimes for … Continue reading

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Living as God´s people

To Jordan came our Lord, the Christ,To do God’s pleasure willing,And there was by St. John baptized,All righteousness fulfilling;There did He consecrate a bathTo wash away transgression,And quench the bitterness of deathBy His own blood and passion,He would a new … Continue reading

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