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Zuletzt hat Gott geredet durch seinen Sohn…

Die Einleitung zum Hebräerbrief Nachdem Gott vorzeiten vielfach und auf vielerlei Weise geredet hat zu den Vätern durch die Propheten, hat er zuletzt in diesen Tagen zu uns geredet durch den Sohn, den er eingesetzt hat zum Erben über alles, … Continue reading

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God is full of pleasant surprises & promises a happy ending

Tomorrow is the 4th Sunday in Advent and the holy Apostle encourages us to “rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say, rejoice, because the Lord is near!” (Phil.4,4-5b). The Old Testament lesson takes us a long way back – … Continue reading

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Looking forward to the 3rd Advent

Looking forward to preach on the “Benedictus” (Lk.1,67-79) tomorrow. That´s looking closer at St. John the Baptist under the watchword from Isaiah 40: “In the wilderness clear a way for the Lord; Look, the Sovereign Lord comes as a victorious … Continue reading

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Sermon for the Sunday after Christ´s Ascension

In 1522 Dr. Martin Luther uses tomorrow´s gospel (John 15,26-16,4) to preach of comfort and admonition. Here is an audible version of the German sermon. Come Holy Ghost, God and Lord, With all Your graces now outpoured On each believer’s … Continue reading

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The summons of death comes to all of us…

Luther´s return from the Wartburg was risky business, but the theological doctor, pastor and professor foresaw worse if he´d remain hidden in exile and not address the serious issues in Wittenberg, but let the riot run loose. In Wittenberg things … Continue reading

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Trust only in God (C.H. Spurgeon)

During the oral part of practical theology in the first theological examination Professor Dr. Wilhelm Rothfuchs gave me an unseen quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. I was to put it into context and evaluate it step-by-step. Thankfully, I had read … Continue reading

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Preaching on Job

Well, today´s sermon-writing-day: Job 23. I really like Job. His story is like the Old Testament illustration of Isaiah 52,13-53,13 and the passion of our Lord. There´s a lot of prejudice coming along with me as I start off with … Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Luther: A Sermon on Preparing to Die (1519)

Translated by Martin H. Bertram Introduction Early in May, 1519, Luther’s friend George Spalatin forwarded to him the request of a certain Mark Schart that the Reformer give him some help in dealing with distressing thoughts about death. At the … Continue reading

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Bekehrung: Vorher – nachher

Sonntag in Magdeburg – Hauptstadt von Sachsen-Anhalt – und ehemalig “Gottes Kanzelei”. Ein hübsches Städtchen trotz der vielen Bauwerke, Renovierungen und Umleitungen… Wir waren hier zum Gottesdienst mit der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinde von Magdeburg (SELK) Gepredigt habe ich über die Epistel … Continue reading

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Predigen in der Alten Lateinschule (Is.2,1-5)

Gestern predigte ich in der St. Maria Magdalena-Kapelle der SELK (Halle) auf der Moritzburg über Jesaja 2:1-5 (vgl. Micha 4:1-4). Hier der Überblick: Und auch zum Zuhören:

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