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“While my guitar gently weeps…”

It´s a first for me. I´m first at “English Stammtisch”. The others are coming. Hopefully. Ever since Glaubigs said our meetings will resume this Thursday, I couldn’t wait. It´s been more than a year since my last session there. Now, … Continue reading

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Die Elbwiesen blühen…

Laufen auf den Wiesen macht Spaß. Theoretisch. Sonst ist es nämlich ein ziemlicher Schlepp. Die Knochen wollen nicht wie sie sollen und fünf Kilometer sind immerhin doppelt so lange wie damals der militärische Standard von 2,4. Jetzt im Sommer ist … Continue reading

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Escape in winter gardens

In the current lockdown the winter gardens of Wörlitz are out of bounds for most.  We´re only allowed to visit within a 15km circumference. Still, a number of locals made it out to this frosted location and some of us … Continue reading

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Mourning in lonely exile here… (LSB 357)

Yes, that´s how it goes. Crying out for some rain and then when it arrives – as the clock strikes four (16h00) – it´s just so inconvenient. I´m out on my bicycle for some exercise before it´s too dark. Repeatedly … Continue reading

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Fix it

There was a time, when I outgrew my shoes. Even the old trusted vellies were due for replacements in the new year. We´d go to Cuthbert’s in Victoria Street. They´d measure the foot, add half an inch for growth and … Continue reading

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Here we go again to Weimar…

I´ve still got some unkept promises. Some of those are to still take You further through Weimar. Now that the poster depicting the Cranach altar in St.Peter & Paul (Herderkirche) is up in my office, I´ve got another incentive to … Continue reading

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Good weather, friends and neighbours…

Good morning from Wittenberg – or as we say here: “Moin, moin!”, but that´s the elaborate and somewhat redundant version. Most stick to the monosyllabic “Moin!” It´s promising to be another of my favorite days. Now that its rained, I´m … Continue reading

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Hallelujah: Jesus lives + reigns forever + Hallelujah

All the world rejoices and sings: “Christ is risen. He´s risen indeed!” That´s the Easter jubilee all along – ever since he rose victorious from the dead and appeared to his disciples like Mary, then to that couple from Emmaus, … Continue reading

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Gebete am Mittwoch

MORGENGEBET Eingang: Fülle uns frühe mit deiner Gnade, so wollen wir rühmen und fröhlich sein unser Leben lang.( Psalm 90:14)  Confession: O Lord,with heartfelt sorrow we repent and deplore our offences. We condemn ourselves and our evil ways, with true … Continue reading

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+ Frohe Weihnachten + ein gesegnetes neues Jahr 2020 +

Kommt und lasst uns Christus ehren, Herz und Sinnen zu ihm kehren; singet fröhlich, lasst euch hören, wertes Volk der Christenheit. Sünd und Hölle mag sich grämen, Tod und Teufel mag sich schämen; wir, die unser Heil annehmen, werfen allen … Continue reading

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