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Escape in winter gardens

In the current lockdown the winter gardens of Wörlitz are out of bounds for most.  We´re only allowed to visit within a 15km circumference. Still, a number of locals made it out to this frosted location and some of us … Continue reading

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Mourning in lonely exile here… (LSB 357)

Yes, that´s how it goes. Crying out for some rain and then when it arrives – as the clock strikes four (16h00) – it´s just so inconvenient. I´m out on my bicycle for some exercise before it´s too dark. Repeatedly … Continue reading

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Fix it

There was a time, when I outgrew my shoes. Even the old trusted vellies were due for replacements in the new year. We´d go to Cuthbert’s in Victoria Street. They´d measure the foot, add half an inch for growth and … Continue reading

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Here we go again to Weimar…

I´ve still got some unkept promises. Some of those are to still take You further through Weimar. Now that the poster depicting the Cranach altar in St.Peter & Paul (Herderkirche) is up in my office, I´ve got another incentive to … Continue reading

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Good weather, friends and neighbours…

Good morning from Wittenberg – or as we say here: “Moin, moin!”, but that´s the elaborate and somewhat redundant version. Most stick to the monosyllabic “Moin!” It´s promising to be another of my favorite days. Now that its rained, I´m … Continue reading

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Hallelujah: Jesus lives + reigns forever + Hallelujah

All the world rejoices and sings: “Christ is risen. He´s risen indeed!” That´s the Easter jubilee all along – ever since he rose victorious from the dead and appeared to his disciples like Mary, then to that couple from Emmaus, … Continue reading

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Gebete am Mittwoch

MORGENGEBET Eingang: Fülle uns frühe mit deiner Gnade, so wollen wir rühmen und fröhlich sein unser Leben lang.( Psalm 90:14)  Confession: O Lord,with heartfelt sorrow we repent and deplore our offences. We condemn ourselves and our evil ways, with true … Continue reading

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+ Frohe Weihnachten + ein gesegnetes neues Jahr 2020 +

Kommt und lasst uns Christus ehren, Herz und Sinnen zu ihm kehren; singet fröhlich, lasst euch hören, wertes Volk der Christenheit. Sünd und Hölle mag sich grämen, Tod und Teufel mag sich schämen; wir, die unser Heil annehmen, werfen allen … Continue reading

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My pastor likes Chinese…

My pastor likes Lutherstadt Wittenberg. He´s here frequently – doing divine services at the Old Latin School and/or taking a break from pastoral chores back home at St.Luke´s in Leipzig. So he knows his way around and good spots to … Continue reading

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Visiting St.Nikolai in Leipzig…

Yesterday the Leipziger Thomaner (Choristers of St. Thomas in Leipzig) started their new season with a divine service in St.Nikolai. Angelika had this on our bucket-list for some time. We left Wittenberg in good time to queue in front of … Continue reading

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