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There was a time, when I outgrew my shoes. Even the old trusted vellies were due for replacements in the new year. We´d go to Cuthbert’s in Victoria Street. They´d measure the foot, add half an inch for growth and any other uncertainties and you´d be off with some change for the R10-00 note in your pocket. Well, those times are long gone. Now I just wear down those shoes and after some years, they slowly come loose at the ends until they finally more or less fall apart. Kathrina used to take them away long before that happened – and we were spared the thought of passing time and our coming end. Or they´d be picked up by a lucky finder, while you were swimming in the sea or praying in the mosque or other holy place. Now, we´re not so fortunate. Time flies by and before You even know it, your shoes have had it. The holes are just too much and the seams are too unraveled. It´s time for some serious reflection.

Well, here in Lutherstadt Wittenberg You´ve still got cobblers. Not just one in the many museums, but a long list of options – and doing well by the looks of it – even in the pandemic. The one closest to the Old Latin School – Rozonsky in some back yard of mayor´s street (Bürgermeisterstraße) – fixed my suspender, which were coming loose too. No, they were not under too much strain 😉 They´re just not the same quality as they used too be. Probably made in China by some Ungurean slaves. No wonder they´re not made to last. They´re probably all out to sabotage cheap exports to get the industry of the dragon on its feet again. You know those stories from the old concentration camps, don´t You? Anyway, the cobbler got it done. It took him 2 days and cost me some 150 cents. A good deal.

That got me thinking. My wife is busy teaching. She doesn´t have time to patch my torn hunting garments, nor my Sunday best worn through by excessive use during our celebrations following the regular Sabbath. Back in the days one of my brothers would have started wearing that suit – or whoever. Now it just keeps hanging in there. So, now and again it tears somewhere, some seems gets loose and it all needs needle and thread and serious fixing. Now, if You don´t have time and I don´t have the skills and patience, well, there are tailors and seamstresses in this town too. Just around the block we´ve got 5 different shops to choose from. I chose the one, which took it even just a day before the Reformation Holiday. Today I got it back – for just 300 cents. That´s my working suit to last another day or some – for next to nothing. Now I don´t need to buy that new one off the hanger for an arm and a leg. I like it. I´m sure it´s not really going to make Germany great again, but it sure is sustainable – and I last longer that way too despite Corona.  

Now let´s see, what else needs fixing?

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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