It´s Luther´s birthday and time to get the goose going…

Today´s Luther´s 537th birthday and tomorrow is the Holiday of St. Martin (Bishop of Tours). That´s the day little Luder (ne Luther!) was baptized and christened with that name in St. Peter and Paul.

Many Germans celebrate this holiday with a roast goose (Martinsgans!), because when the French Saint was elected as bishop, he modestly hid in some goose pen. The geese made such a racket, that the hiding Martin was quickly found and installed. This is the gist of that old legendamong others – which has “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” sing about it:

„Wann der heil’ge Sanct Martin
Will der Bischofsehr’ entflieh’n,
Sitzt er in dem Gänsestall,
Niemand find’t ihn überall,
Bis der Gänse groß Geschrei
Seine Sucher führt herbei.

Nun dieweil das Gickgackslied
Diesen heil’gen Mann verrieth,
Dafür thut am Martinstag
Man den Gänsen diese Plag’,
Daß ein strenges Todesrecht
Geh’n muß über ihr Geschlecht.“

Des Knaben Wunderhorn

If You want to try this delightful fowl for tomorrow, I recommend the recipe by star cook Witzigmann. He uses common mugwort (Beifuß) – and there´s no way You can leave that out. The dry and unimpressive herb is an absolute game changer. Angelika picked it up along the Elbe and it made all the difference. Try it and You´ll be pleasantly surprised. And there´s plenty time to get set for the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving still 🙂

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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