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Come – join us if You can +

The Old Latin School is rearing to get off to a new start even if we´re facing a new Covid-lockdown over Easter. We have been very fortunate, that our chapel has been open all along. Divine services are held every … Continue reading

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D for Dambeck near Salzwedel

On our virtual tour through Saxony-Anhalt it´s on to Dambeck. A typical village with a typical church for this part of the Altmark too – going back all the way into the high Middle Ages – sometime in the 13th … Continue reading

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Coswig – close to Wittenberg

Coswig is a town in the district of Wittenberg of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is situated on the right bank of the Elbe, approx. 12 km west of Wittenberg, and 15 km east of Dessau. Most villages in the area around … Continue reading

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Burg – city of towers just north of Magdeburg

Burg is the 3rd largest city in Sachsen-Anhalt – but still hardly heard of. Yet there´s a lot to see and not just towers, churches and steeples. Theodor Fontane , author of one of my long time favorites “Der Stechlin” … Continue reading

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Virtual visit to Blankenburg (Harz)

Blankenburg (Harz) is not quite two hours drive from Wittenberg – in a beautiful setting at the foot of the Harz hills in central Germany. It´s history is interlinked with Michaelstein Abbey and the philosopher Oswald Spengler – author of … Continue reading

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B for “Ballenstedt im Harz”

Well, we´re on to B for now. B for Ballenstedt! This is where Johann Arndt, the author of “Four books of true Christendom” with considerable influence in Russia (!) was born on the 27th of December 1555 – or perhaps … Continue reading

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