Burg – city of towers just north of Magdeburg

Burg is the 3rd largest city in Sachsen-Anhalt – but still hardly heard of. Yet there´s a lot to see and not just towers, churches and steeples.

Theodor Fontane , author of one of my long time favorites “Der Stechlin” was an assistant to some local chemist for some time here – around 1840 – and the military genius Carl von Clausewitz and author of the renown “Vom Kriege” (On wars) was born here and his remains were brought back here to be buried after he died at just 51 years.

„I left Berlin in autum 1840 to stay in Burg, a notable city, unknown to most – It´s lost in the shadow of Magdeburg.“

Theodor Fontane: Von Zwanzig bis Dreißig

Obviously the heyday was some time ago – and even then it was but playing second – or make that third – fiddle. Still, the old walls continue to speak loud and clear.

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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