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Life is a long list of meetings…

A lot can happen in a day. Sometimes that´s true for Wittenberg too. Luther´s wedding celebrations last weekend prove the point. Thousands filled our streets, eager to forget regulations of distancing and hungry for some serious party. Now, a few … Continue reading

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Just another Friday

Some days are just special – even more than others. Today was such a day. I got up full of last night´s good meeting with those young English teachers from the States (Ohio, Carolina & Nebraska – if I remember … Continue reading

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Guidance in the Pentateuch

0. Introduction to “Re-reading Moses with Luther” Jogging in Kullavik – just south of Göteborg – a local encouraged me to press on during my holidays: “The universal principle will guide You.” Well, I didn´t get lost. Not immediately. Not … Continue reading

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“While my guitar gently weeps…”

It´s a first for me. I´m first at “English Stammtisch”. The others are coming. Hopefully. Ever since Glaubigs said our meetings will resume this Thursday, I couldn’t wait. It´s been more than a year since my last session there. Now, … Continue reading

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Die Elbwiesen blühen…

Laufen auf den Wiesen macht Spaß. Theoretisch. Sonst ist es nämlich ein ziemlicher Schlepp. Die Knochen wollen nicht wie sie sollen und fünf Kilometer sind immerhin doppelt so lange wie damals der militärische Standard von 2,4. Jetzt im Sommer ist … Continue reading

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Come – join us if You can +

The Old Latin School is rearing to get off to a new start even if we´re facing a new Covid-lockdown over Easter. We have been very fortunate, that our chapel has been open all along. Divine services are held every … Continue reading

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Friedrich Wichmanns Reise quer durch Natal in 1893

Aus “Unter dem Kreuze” – Kirchliches Volksblad aus Niedersachsen herausgegeben von Pastor Ringmann , Celle 1893. Kopiert aus der Gotischen Druckschrift von Friedel Drewes, Friedrich Wichmann’s  Urenkel. Ein Artikel geschrieben von Friedrich Wichmann über seiner Reise zu der Hochzeit seiner Tochter Marie … Continue reading

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D for Dambeck near Salzwedel

On our virtual tour through Saxony-Anhalt it´s on to Dambeck. A typical village with a typical church for this part of the Altmark too – going back all the way into the high Middle Ages – sometime in the 13th … Continue reading

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Coswig – close to Wittenberg

Coswig is a town in the district of Wittenberg of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is situated on the right bank of the Elbe, approx. 12 km west of Wittenberg, and 15 km east of Dessau. Most villages in the area around … Continue reading

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Burg – city of towers just north of Magdeburg

Burg is the 3rd largest city in Sachsen-Anhalt – but still hardly heard of. Yet there´s a lot to see and not just towers, churches and steeples. Theodor Fontane , author of one of my long time favorites “Der Stechlin” … Continue reading

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