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Don´t trust in princes… (Psalm 146,3)

My friend asks me, why I quote my granny: “Don´t trust the Russians!” Well, it´s complicated. Trust grows. So does mistrust. The easy reasons are bad experiences with Russians as neighbors and rulers – during wars and after. You know, … Continue reading

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Oh, do listen up!

Looking forward to this Sunday. It is “Sexagesimae” – the second Sunday before Lent): Oh, that today You would listen as He speaks! Do not harden Your hearts. Hebrews 3,15 This blessed Sunday we are focused on the triune God´s … Continue reading

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Too soon

A week ago Bruno and Ingrid were in a head-on-collision. Subsequently other cars crashed into them from behind. Their two children Karl (6) and Maya (2) were critically injured, and both died in ICU – Karl on Sunday and Maya … Continue reading

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Come and witness God´s exploits

Looking forward to the 4th Sunday before Lent. It comes with a very promising invitation: “Come and witness God’s exploits! His acts on behalf of people are awesome.” (Psalm 66,5) The Introit from Psalm 107 lifts our eyes to look … Continue reading

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