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Who is Taras Shevchenko?

On March 11, the congregation of Ukrainian Lutheran Church located in Lutherstadt Wittenberg along with other refugees organised an event dedicated to the birth of a famous Ukrainian poet, artist, linguist and revolutionist Taras Shevchenko. The event took place in … Continue reading

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Thank You from Antonina Shapovalova

Natalia Zubrytska shares a thank-you-letter from her friend Antonina Shapovalova, who has moved on from the Old Latin School to her own private quarters in Luthercity Wittenberg. We are so grateful, that she is coping so well in these difficult … Continue reading

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Tanks for the Ukraine

There´s a lot of grumbling about this war inflicted on the Ukraine. Lots of touchiness who’s right or wrong. Well, there´s no doubt in my mind that Putin is the aggressor and that far too many Russians are voluntarily goosestepping … Continue reading

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Don´t trust in princes… (Psalm 146,3)

My friend asks me, why I quote my granny: “Don´t trust the Russians!” Well, it´s complicated. Trust grows. So does mistrust. The easy reasons are bad experiences with Russians as neighbors and rulers – during wars and after. You know, … Continue reading

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