Thank You from Antonina Shapovalova

Natalia Zubrytska shares a thank-you-letter from her friend Antonina Shapovalova, who has moved on from the Old Latin School to her own private quarters in Luthercity Wittenberg. We are so grateful, that she is coping so well in these difficult times and dedicate her to the gracious care of our good Lord and triune God, her and all her people + May He grant peace now and always +

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

My name is Antonina Shapovalova. I am from near Kharkiv, Ukraine. Last year, when Russia started the terrible war in my country, I had to flee to Germany.

The Lord brought me to a small but beautiful town Lutherstadt Wittenberg where I was lucky to meet Ukrainian Lutheran Church which gave me a tremendous help in settling down.

The person that I am especially grateful to is pastor Weber who opened lodging for me in the Old Latin School in the time when I was basically homeless. He met me with his friendly simile and open heart. I remember how much I was broken down and my eyes were full of tears when I came through the doors of the Old Latin School.

However, I still remember that pastor Weber assured me of my safety in the Old Latin School – and the Old Latin School proved just that. It is a safe place for me and other Ukrainian refugees in troubled times. Thank You to faithful friends and supporters in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for sponsoring this refuge for us and fellow Lutherans from Ukraine. We will not forget Your gracious hospitality provided here in the Old Latin School.

I lived in the Old Latin School for more than half a year before I managed to find a small apartment of my own in town. Now, I attend German Integration Courses and intensively study the language. My son–in-law is on the front line in daily battle and I pray and ask God to keep him safe. Please add him and our nation to Your prayers. I send our soldiers warm clothes, food and necessary medicine on a regular basis. They need it so much.

I am confident that one day in the near future all the Ukrainians and the whole world will be celebrating the Victory of Ukraine!  Glory to Ukrainian soldiers! Glory to Christ!

Antonia Shapovalova

Thank You for your support for the mission of the Old Latin School in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. 

+ Please pray for us at the Old Latin School + 

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About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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