#Wittenbergworldwide Lutheranism

Lutheranism is a way of life at home all over the world. It all started in Wittenberg half a millenium ago. Still, its not just something for a museum, but a vibrant faith for millions of people in Africa, America, Australia and the rest of the world too. As we consider the Reformation and its impact on our world, I want to focus on the Lutheran confessions as the authentic expression of things Lutheran. My plan is to start off with Luther’s Catechisms and then move through the confessional fundations of our church.

For starters it gets going with Dr. Martin Luther himself.  Enjoy the ride and happy reading. Here’s a brief introduction to Dr. Martin Luther’s Catechisms. We’re getting to the text next. Dr. Martin Luther wrote a special introduction to his Small Catechism, which was printed on loose sheets before being published as a booklet in Hamburg 1529 for the first time.  He himself defines it as “a teaching for heathens, who want to become Christians. It is a doctrine directing them what to believe, do, let go and know as Christians” (cf. WA 19, 76,2-5) It was closed off with the german rhymn: “Ein yeder lern sein lection so wird es wol im hause ston. (Everybody learn his lesson and the house will be in good standing). Here now the short overview of lesson 1 on Dr. Luther’s Introduction to his Small Catechism in 1529: 1. KK Einleitung ML And here the next overview to Luther’s introduction to his Large Catechism of the same year: 2. GK Einleitung ML