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What to look for in the gospels…

After his grandstand at the diet in Worms before emperor Charles V the banned and kidnapped Luther was banished on the Wartburg (1521). Not one to let an opportunity to spread the gospel go by, he got cracking and down … Continue reading

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Luther´s business on the Wartburg – contra Latomus – 1521

Once Luther was hijacked to be put into quarantine on the Wartburg, he did not fall into despair, but into a working frenzy. Astounding, what he produced and that despite heavy attacks by his relentless foes and his urge to … Continue reading

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He´s out – and nobody will stop Him now + Thank God +

Well, in nine months is Christmas – if our good Lord hasn´t returned by then. Signs are good, that His coming is as close as never 😊   It´s fascinating to see, how fast everything is changing around us. Suddenly the daily … Continue reading

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Chasing boar and taking care of the Lord´s vineyard

Some 500 years ago – Pope Leo X – was chasing wild boars. In the spectacular Luther film (2003) we see the roman bishop chasing wildly through the Italian forests – trying to catch up with his hounds and to … Continue reading

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Invocavit: Luther contra iconoclasts

The iconoclasts – radical reformers under the raving extremism of Dr.Andreas Karlstadt – were throwing out the baby with the bath water. Trying to introduce the precious gospel of our Lord, they went overboard and started to attack art work, … Continue reading

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Günter Scharlach on his way to marry Ingrid Ringelmann in Kirchdorf, KZN.

These are the first electronic copies after scanning some of those family photos showing Günter Scharlach’s final years in Bleckmar, Germany after World War II and coming to South Africa to be ordained and installed as pastor in Lüneburg, KZN … Continue reading

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Bishop’s report

Attached is my report to the LCSA Synod in Wartburg: LCSA Bishops Synodical Report 2012 . The questions and issues arising gave rise to lively and meaningful debate.

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