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Wir singen Dir, Immanuel

Samstag nach dem dritten Sonntag vor dem Fasten (Septuagesimae: Lohn und Gnade) Wir liegen vor Dir mit unserem Gebet und vertrauen nicht auf unsere Gerechtigkeit, sondern auf Deine große Barmherzigkeit. Daniel 9,18 Wochenspruch Lucas Cranach d.Ältere (1472-1553): Anbetung der Hirten … Continue reading

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You will understand … Lenten service 2

The 2nd Lenten Service is coming up. We´re following the propers of the local lectionary. The Introit starts us off with the 2nd penitential Psalm: How blessed is the one whose rebellious acts are forgiven,whose sin is pardoned.How blessed is … Continue reading

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Don´t put God to the test

After explaining what it means to love the one and only God – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – above all else and that with all Your heart, soul and might always and everywhere … Dr. Martin Luther continues to … Continue reading

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Chasing boar and taking care of the Lord´s vineyard

Some 500 years ago – Pope Leo X – was chasing wild boars. In the spectacular Luther film (2003) we see the roman bishop chasing wildly through the Italian forests – trying to catch up with his hounds and to … Continue reading

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Today in history

The Church commemorates St. Gall (+645) – monk and missionary around lake Constance (Bodensee): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallus_(Heiliger) Nearly a century later Lucas Cranach the Elder was artist and successful entrepreneur in Wittenberg. He died in 1553 and more about him here:  http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_Cranach_der_%C3%84ltere

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