Dr. Nordling’s report on his time at LTS

Dear John: Thank you very much for your kind and most gracious report. It was good to have you here and I’m especially glad that it worked out well with your teeth. That might be something others would like to try too – even if the trip that far to a dentist might seem extraordinary.

It was good for our Seminarians to have you here. I like the idea, that these 25+ students, who you taught regularly are going to hear you a number of times still God willing. They are just beginning and your love for the NT, Greek and the gospel in all its rich facettes and comforting tones is so inviting, encouraging and an excellent example. Thank you for going out of your way during your Sabbatical even to teach Corinthians here.
Lastly I also want to thank you for your friendship and pastoral kinship, with which you edify me and my family. It is a great blessing to have you in our house and we look forward to the next time already and not only because we get to see some far off places of our beautiful land.
We are grateful to the congregations and individuals, who support you and make this trip possible – also to your president Dr. Rast and academic dean Dr. Gieschen for letting you come here regularly to teach, preach and be a great torch-bearer for the Word of God and Luther’s teaching.
Please give my kindest regards to your dear wife Sara + hopefully she can join you one day to visit here with you.
The peace of our Lord be with you + Wilhelm
Here is the report from Professor Dr. John G. Nordling (CTS Ft.Wayne, IN): Nordling Report.26April16

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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