Saturday morning

The crocodile river in the morning mist

The crocodile river in the morning mist

What a lovely way to finish off a week! The morning star (Venus) was bright and shiny and real close to the waning moon. Now in the late autumn they’ve got the sky to themselves much longer as the big sister still lingers before making her glorious appearance in the East. The rising mist was just sufficient to cloud all in some mysterious shrouds. Beautiful Saturday in Murrayfield.

At the farmers market Esme continued her recollections of her wedding by telling the story of her engagement. “I’ll take a 2 carat ring or nothing!” was her initial response to her husbands proposal. So the first 10 years she stayed without. Yet the waiting was worthwhile. She got a unique ring from days gone by – glittering, fabulously crafted and big. She priced and treasured it. It was her very own precious. Until the day it was stolen. Yes – and as an antique rarity it was irreplaceable.  Tough. Now she’s got the good memories and can tell another story about the one, who got away.

Last time my rose-people (Mouton) had made me laugh with their comments, that their congregation had prayed just too much for their father and so he had indeed recovered very well from his serious illness. Today I asked them, whether he would be going home soon. “No”, they responded, “he’s in frail-care, but mom’s there now too. She’s taken in for a heart condition.” As we looked at this seasons oranges and mandarins (naartjies) Jacques volunteered: “Well, now I now, why my father still had to go on living. We had the best conversations in the past three days ever. I’m so grateful, he didn’t die the last time around.” Reminded me a lot of old Erna (over 80 – or was it 90?), who’d suffered tremendously tied to her bed and groaning, crying out and wailing throughout the night due to the severe pain she had to endure despite the high dosages of morphine. Well, towards her end she also had several days of clarity and painless hours during which she could share so much with her children and grandchildren. What do we really know about how much we can bear and stand before we are ready to die?  Is it not only in the face of death that we treasure our lives so dearly? Is it not because we know of the fleeting time and our limited togetherness that we dread the farewell? Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psa 90:12 NIV)

Old Hendrik was proud of the Blue Bulls running in their tries to keep their hopes for the play-offs alive. Well, seeing we (Sharks) had made an excellent showing in New Zealand, I was not too envious of that. Hopefully the Sharks will be able to keep more players in the game and carry away the trophy finally. Tony was happy about a good week selling vegetables. People had paid up and he was looking at more property to buy around Willows. My purchase of green beans, pears, lemons, potatoes and some pawpaws will not put that into jeopardy either. These vegetables should last for another week. Let’s see!


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