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It’s Saturday again in Murrayfield and elsewhere I presume.

What a fabulous week! Perhaps that explains, why so many people were at the farmer’s market this morning. I even ran into several families & couples from St.Paul’s Lutheran Church: Gevers, Wundram, Roos etc. Normally I count myself lucky if … Continue reading

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Morning meanderings on the market

Jannie is doing fine. Sold me 6 croissants this morning – and 2 loaves of bread too. One sour dough and the other one with oats.  All warm from the oven. Still it was my parting wish that Jannie wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Saturday morning

What a lovely way to finish off a week! The morning star (Venus) was bright and shiny and real close to the waning moon. Now in the late autumn they’ve got the sky to themselves much longer as the big … Continue reading

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Going to the farmers market

Well, it got late last night. So getting into the motions this morning was a drag. Loading the car with crates and baskets, getting it filled with petrol and my purse with necessary money for the groceries woke me gradually … Continue reading

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