… and now for some buffalo. (KNP VIII)

The last two visits to KNP came with great buffalo sightings. First with Matz in the Northern plains and around Olifants. Huge mulling herds obviously at rest and going about their business of chewing the cud, tending their young and brushing up the underwood. With Angelika we first came across them on Muntshe loop. There was an old cow resting in the shade quite close to the road. She was severely limping. Even tried to bump our car as she was obviously aggravated and feeling threatened. Around her there were literally hundreds of resting colossus. A marvelous sight! Ox peckers were having a holiday and still the buffalo seemed mostly preoccupied with flicking their eyes and swishing their tails to get rid of those pesty flies. Driving there the next morning in the hope that the lions had paid that lone cow a visit, we found empty plains. The buffalo had moved on. A couple, who seemed to know about the bush just commented: “They (the buffalo) take care of each other!” Just goes to show how tough these big beasts are. Lovely and very African!

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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