You comfort me …

candlesJesus Christ says: Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of light. (Joh 12:36 NIV – Reading John 12,20-36)

Modern people often look down on the so-called “Dark Middle Ages”, because they are quite assured of their superior enlightenment. Earlier times are perceived as having been determined by darkness due to overwhelming ignorance, whereas we are now walking in the light of knowledge and understanding. Sometimes this feeling of general advancement and subsequent superiority leads to a conviction of moral superiority too: “We are simply better!”

Jesus is talking about the true light – and obviously refers to himself. If we are sons of light, then we belong to him and then we truly are better off. He is the source of light, clarity and perspicuity. He gives very clear orientation and direction too. He reveals us divine wisdom and grants insight into the saving truth of God and his lasting salvation. The Father in heaven has granted us this gift through Jesus and his most precious gospel. Jesus Christ is the loving and helping truth of God himself. In his light all darkness and even the shadows of death disappear. Against all suffering, death and dying nothing else really helps, because we human beings are not able to address the “debt of sin” effectively. Only Jesus Christ can bring light into this darkness. He is the light and the life. Connected to him and in close communion with him, we are no longer lost in obscurity and mortality. Jesus brings clarity and direction into our lives. His presence doesn’t tolerate any dark practices of sin and the devil. His light warms our cold hearts, so that we are freed from our sinful selves and become liberated to serve our neighbour gratefully. ;

Let us listen to this admonition to remain in the invigorating, vitalizing and warming divine light of Jesus. He is still among us with his truthful light of the gospel, which is alive and active in our midst. We don’t want to put it under a pedestal or loose it even by being ungrateful or unfaithful.

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the true light and we are grateful that you have come into our lives bringing bright day and warm comfort too. Let us live gratefully in this life and grant that we remain children of your light evermore. Let us be true witnesses of your light amongst the people in this part of the world and wherever your lead and guide us. Amen.

This is a translation of the devotion edited by Günter Wachler and Egfried Brachmann for Wednesday after  the tenth Sunday after Trinity. It is found on Pg. 250 in “Du tröstest mein Herz. Tägliche Hausandachten” (You comfort my heart. Daily devotions.) and published by the Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, Berlin without a date.

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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