By Adv Jacques du Preez, FW de Klerk Foundation

The FW de Klerk Foundation notes a recent statement from the SACP Mpumalanga in which that organisation identified – in its view – the two main threats to the real transformation of South Africa. According to the SACP Mpumalanga, these are the so-called ‘constitutionalists’ on the one hand and the ‘populist demogogic agenda’ (i.e. Julius Malema) on the other.

The organisation further called on the ANC in the province as the leader of the alliance to mobilise all progressive forces in the implementation of the national democratic revolution and to deal with the present challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality, which still unevenly affect Black people in general, Africans in particular, women, and working people.

The rest of the statement continues with the usual communist rhetoric regarding social transformation; the national democratic revolution; and the SACP’s “sacred mission of leading the people and of bringing to fruition the complete socialist transformation of society.”

Finally, the organisation also called upon “progressive intellectuals to dispel a lie created by the anti-majoritarian relic of apartheid, e.g. the De Klerk Foundation with their infamous we have not transferred the power to the masses but to the constitution, thinking that the constitution is not for the masses, in doing so trying to protect their apartheid colonial privileges”.

We are flattered that the SACP in Mpumalanga has been reading Mr De Klerk’s speeches and we would warmly recommend that they should redouble their efforts in this regard. However, if they study them carefully, they will discover that Mr De Klerk said that his government “had gladly transferred sovereign power – not to another political party – but to the Constitution”.  He said nothing about “the masses” – which is a socialist term.

The Constitution is not for this group or that group. It is for all South Africans – for the majority and for the minorities; for ‘the masses’ and for individuals. It protects all our rights – and rejects the notion that anyone or any group should enjoy unequal privileges.

We are also pleased that the comrades in Mpumalanga have referred to us as “constitutionalists” – which for some reason or other they seem to think is an insult. We are, indeed, constitutionalists and believe that the Constitution is the only guarantee for a genuine democracy that is equal, non-racist and non-sexist and that advances the human dignity, human rights and freedoms of all South Africans.

There is nothing in the Constitution that stands in the way of achieving success with social and economic transformation. On the contrary, the Constitution demands that we should work for a society based on human dignity, the achievement of equality and the enjoyment of human rights.

The Constitution also guarantees genuine democracy. If the SACP in Mpumalanga feels so strongly about its right to lead the people of Mpumalanga and to bring about the “socialist transformation of society” (i.e. establishing a communist state) why doesn’t it use its democratic right openly and honestly to campaign for this at the next election? Why does it not stand forthrightly as a separate political party under its own banner, rather than riding once again on the ANC’s coattails?

Also, if the SACP in Mpumalanga is so concerned about corruption – as indeed it should be – it should ensure that its members who participate in the forthcoming ANC National Conference at Mangaung should vote for leadership with unimpeachable integrity and an unblemished record.

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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