Dark clouds piling up

In a country where nearly half of the population lives off grants and governmental help, basic foodstuffs are vital and determine their general well-being. The rapid rise in food-prices is a reason for serious concern, because it has the very real potential for unrest and destabilization.

Obviously the lack of support for farmers and the uncertainty about land ownership paired with the resulting jeopardy of future and long-term investments has to carry its fair share of the blame for this trouble. There are no short-term fixes for the locals woes in agriculture and the farming sector – and that does not fit in well with the haphazard and populistic politics of the day which are concerned mostly about re-election and not serious nation-building and general prosperity and flourishing of all the countries people.

This is aggravated by the unsatisfactory services and lacking implementation of good governance in general as becomes clear from the strikes on the mines right now. In my view troublesome times are lying ahead for most of us here!

Read more about the growing shortage of food supply here: Global demand for local grain to put consumers under stress – Business News | IOL Business | IOL.co.za.

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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