Bishop’s and rector’s reports at the LCSA diocesan synod of KwaZulu/Natal in Pella, KZN

Dean Mandla Thwala and his deputy Rev. Jabulani Nkosi (pastor at the Lutheran Church, Pella) arranged and led the diocesan synod of the LCSA diocese in KwaZulu/Natal on Saturday, the 9th June 2012.

Finalizations before the synod

Pastors and delegates from most of the 11 different congregations gathered in the Lutheran Church at Pella under God’s word and in his presence to listen to reports from the bishop on the work of the LCSA (Bishop Report 2012.6 Pella), the dean on the work in the diocese and also from the treasurer (Mr. Thomas Mabasa) and Rev. Peter C. Weber (Ohlangeni) on the status and work of ALPIK, which helps to grant sustainable incomes to the pastors of the diocese with the help of LCSA and FELSiSA congregations – but also from every pastor from the various parishes and congregations.

KwaZulu/Natal is the only diocese in the LCSA, which has Lutheran churches amongst Indian people. Their pastor Missionary Rainald Meyer reported on the work in both congregations in the Durban area: Chatsworth and Phoenix.

Besides the LCSA diocese in Botswana the diocese in KwaZulu/Natal has a significant contingent of missionaries from the Mission of Lutheran Churches (MLC), which is the official partner and mission agency of the LCSA. Yes, the LCSA is an official member of the MLC – together with the FELSiSA – and this is a very helpful, fruitful and blessed co-operation and partnership in full church fellowship for many years and even decades already. Yesterday Rev. Roger Zieger (Director of Missions from the “Lutherische Kirchenmission” Bleckmar – an official branch of the SELK) was an official guest at yesterday’s meeting too. He greeted the synod with words from 1.Cor.12,4-7 and is today preaching at the Mission festival at the Lutheran Church in Kirchdorf, which is a neighbouring congregation of that in Pella, where the synod gathered yesterday.

As rector of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane (Pretoria) I also gave an overview of the latest developments at our Seminary and especially about our plans to expand the facility with adjacent property to accommodate the growing numbers of students in both the theological and diaconic programs, but also to raise sustainable income by providing accommodation to volunteers, students and visitors on mission and educational trips to Southern Africa (Rector’s Report 2012 KZN Pella).


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Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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