Long-eared owl calling

It´s lonely out on the Elbe flats. You´d think. First impressions deceive. The night before 20+ wild boar worked themselves through the young rape fields. The farmer´s co-op complained. We hunters should keep them out and limit their impact on the crops. So, this was to be my turn. I was glad that the wind was blowing at only about 14km and going steady from SW. That´s not too bad for these parts and promised perfect hunting conditions. This wind is supposed to carry milder air from the Mediterranean. We will know more next week.

No rain to talk about as yet and only sporadic traffic far off in the distance. Dogs barking in Seegrehna. Perhaps they sense the prowling wolves coming closer. Close by it was just a lonely beaver gnawing away at some old logs in the gurgling stream. The moon was half-full, high in the sky and reminding us of the Psalmist praying under similar conditions: “The Lord watches over you— the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.” (Ps.121:5-6) Wrapped tightly into warm stuff against the frost, I kept my ears clear though – and my nose. Wanted to catch the first warning signals be it a twig snapping or a wiff of dirty pig. I was ready for the invasion. Oh, how I longed for it. Trigger happy. I´d give them a most fitting welcome. So, let them come – all twenty of them.

As the eyes got accustomed to the dim light, the ears caught solitary bird calls from the forest. Eventually a long-eared owl started its regular hooting. Distinctive. You could not miss it. Soothing to the soul and ever so comforting to lonely creaturs out in the wilderness. Very clearly distinguishable from other owls in the German forest. Here´s a link to some more pictures of these nightly predators hunting pine forests, open meadows and tended fields.

Well, I think, they understand about social distancing. There was no answering call in response. Just that one regular cry out there in the bush. It continued all along – like clockwork. Just a break now and again before picking up pleading from another hot spot. Loved it! And in formidable cooperation, we kept the hogs out. All night long – even as my thoughts drifted with Joseph von Eichendorff to coming summer nights, which will be more balmy, but hopefully with more hunting luck: “Waidmansheil”, but not as bloodthirsty as Rammstein would like to make it out…

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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  1. mdpsnc says:

    Hast du einen Jagdschein?

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