Sermonette during Matins

greek-runnersThis morning at Matins student Benjamin Kaumba led the liturgy and read the lesson from 1 Samuel  20:24-42 while we sang the hymn written by Wilhelm Erasmus Arends and translated by John M. Sloan: “Rise! To arms! With prayer employ you ...” (LSB 668):

1 Rise! To arms! With prayer employ you, O Christians, lest the foe destroy you; For Satan has designed your fall. Wield God’s word, the weapon glorious; Against all foes be thus victorious. For God protects you from them all. Fear not the hordes of hell, Here is Emmanuel. Hail the Saviour! The strong foes yield To Christ, our shield, And we, the victors, hold the field.

2 Cast afar this world’s vain pleasure And boldly strive for heav’nly treasure. Be steadfast in the Saviour’s might. Trust the Lord, who stands beside you, For Jesus from all harm will hide you. By faith you conquer in the fight. Take courage, weary soul! Look forward to the goal! Joy awaits you. The race well run, Your long war won, Your crown shines splendid as the sun.

3 Wisely fight, for time is fleeting; The hours of grace are fast retreating; Short, short is this our earthly way. When the Lord the dead will waken And sinners all by fear are shaken, The saints with joy will greet that day. Praise God, our triumph’s sure. We need not long endure Scorn and trial. Our Saviour King His own will bring To that great glory which we sing. (Source: Lutheran Service Book #668)

This fits nicely with the prescribed reading for this mornings sermon from 1.Corinthians 9: 24-27. Listen to my sermonette here: 

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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