Big and small, fury and scaly (KNP 3rd Part)

One of those things about Kruger is it’s fascinating diversity. It doesn’t only have enormous elephants, but also honey badgers, many different eagles, herons, cranes, bee eaters, weavers, finches, ducks, geese, plovers,  even the elusive “Spook voel” (literally translated as the “Spook/Ghost bird” i.e. Grey headed shrike), ostriches and many, many more fury, scaly, feathered and armoured creepy crawlies, winged, four-legged and so on. You name the African animal and the chances are good that you’ll find it here. Not the great white shark, I admit, but it’s got the big white Rhino in considerable numbers even if the nasty poachers (and I’m conscientiously resisting to add swearing explicatives here!) are encroaching from east and west to cut off a piece of “hair tissue” for very far fetched reasons – while maiming the beasts mortally and leaving them do bleed to death so as to make an even quicker get away – back across the border and to their foreign donors and manic sponsors. There’s no so thing as an aphrodisiac in that Rhino horn and who in his right mind would want a horn that size anyway? Come on – get real – and let the Rhino (black and white) live.


About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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