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Priest and prophet

This week in the devotional “Ein Feste Burg”, a pastor wrote, that all Christians are prophets. Well, I beg to differ. St.Paul differentiates very clearly the various gifts our good Lord Jesus Christ gave to the church and his holy … Continue reading

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God´s mercy – the origin of our ministry

In the late 1980´s my father-in-law installed P. Werner Köhne in Wittenberg. At that stage it was not foreseeable that I would be the successor to be installed in 1992. That´s thirty years ago this year. My father-in-law based his … Continue reading

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Sing the new song, whatever You do…

Lovely morning in Wittenberg. The clouds are heavy. Rains might be coming. That would be a perfect start to this working week after the wonderful beginnings in church yesterday. I know, why I became a pastor. The delightful treasures of … Continue reading

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„Priest and Prophet“ (Georg Merz)

The prophet is compelled to go into the world, before the public; he must dare to fight, he must confront the enemy, he cannot escape having “enemies”. He is obliged to draw sharp lines of difference; he must point his … Continue reading

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