Biblestudy before the 2nd Sunday in Lent: “Reminiscere”

Our Bible study is coming up and it´s all about the triune God´s passionate pursuit of His people:

I will sing to my love — a song to my lover about his vineyard.
My love had a vineyard on a fertile hill.
He built a hedge around it, removed its stones, and planted a vine.
He built a tower in the middle of it, and constructed a winepress.
He waited for it to produce edible grapes, but it produced sour ones instead.

So now, residents of Jerusalem, people of Judah, you decide between me and my vineyard!
What more can I do for my vineyard beyond what I have already done?
When I waited for it to produce edible grapes, why did it produce sour ones instead?

Now I will inform you what I am about to do to my vineyard:
I will remove its hedge and turn it into pasture,
I will break its wall and allow animals to graze there.
I will make it a wasteland; no one will prune its vines or hoe its ground, and thorns and briers will grow there.
I will order the clouds not to drop any rain on it.

Indeed, Israelis the vineyard of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies,
the people of Judah are the cultivated place in which he took delight.
He waited for justice, but look what he got—disobedience!
He waited for fairness, but look what he got—cries for help!

Isaiah 5:1-7

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