Looking forward to the 3rd Advent

Looking forward to preach on the “Benedictus” (Lk.1,67-79) tomorrow. That´s looking closer at St. John the Baptist under the watchword from Isaiah 40: “In the wilderness clear a way for the Lord; Look, the Sovereign Lord comes as a victorious warrior.” (Verses 3 & 10).

I´ll be looking at the high hopes on this little boy (and his 2nd cousin too!) first, before visiting him in the wilderness – there on the banks of the Jordan before he comes head-on against the powers that be. Although he lands in prison, doubting and headless, it´s not the end of the story but new beginnings as the theology of the cross and the victorious resurrection of our Lord and God will have us believe.

So, we are looking forward, beyond this world and time from where our good Lord and God is returning in glory, coming towards us to pick us up and carry us home. There and then we will eventually see and hear from St. John himself, what a good turn of events it was for him to get that short-cut to heaven.

Until then, God willing, we will be spared to persevere motivated by the enduring patience of all prophets of whom this wild one was the last to point out the Lamb of God. He, who bears the sins of the world and to whom we cry: Lord have mercy – and Lord Jesus come. Come soon!    

Here´s the link to my sermon for this 3rd Sunday in Advent.

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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