Prayers uplifted – this Thursday +

Wonderful morning in Wittenberg and some drizzle´s in the air. Not much, no, but still. Last night various weather applications forecast rains from around 4h00 this morning right until first tea, but that was false alarm. I could have gone out into the wilds and across the Elbe onto the flats without getting wet. However, it did not happen. That´s what happens if You trust in princes. I mean, men and their devices. When I first opened my eyes – without alarm – cleaners were busy on the church square – polishing the pavements, all the cobble stones and even our school´s entrance. The epidemic might be spreading.  The rain may be coming one day. For now, the tourists are keeping away, the cleaners continue their job and we with ours anyway. It´s an orderly world. At least in some parts. I love it.  

This morning’s prayer is in line with the general admonition of the holy apostle St. Paul to his student pastor and bishop St. Timothy the first letter chapter 2 that we pray for all people – especially the Christian Church.    

O God, most merciful and most gracious, who hast encouraged us in Thy holy Word to make supplication for all men, we beseech Thee for all Thy brethren of this nation, of the great cities and quiet country places, high and low, rich and poor together, that Thou wouldst prosper agriculture, manufacture, commerce and every lawful industry; that Thou woulds cleanse our national life from besetting sins, and remove all causes of division from amongst the people; that Thou wouldst fill our hearts with Thy love and our homes with Thy peace.  

And for all the nations of the human race, with their rulers, that Thou in thy Providence wouldst make an end of war, cruelty, oppression, and ignorance, and grant unto every land the blessings of peace and order, justice and spiritual knowledge.  

We beseech Thee for the church universal, throughout the world, in all its branches and in all its ministries; that Thou wouldst further with Thy continual favor her work in this land, and in the distant parts of the earth; that Thou wouldst heal the divisions among Thy Son´s disciples, and hasten everywhere the coming of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ: in whose name we pray. Amen 

Dobberstein Pg. 37

We sing to the Lord and bring all our joys and sorrows before Him, because He cares for us and all the world – with fatherly goodness, divine favor and unending love:

1 When aimless violence takes those we love,
When random death strikes childhood’s promise down,
When wrenching loss becomes our daily bread,
We know, O God, You leave us not alone.

2 When passing years rob sight and strength and mind
Yet fail to still a strongly beating heart,
And grief becomes the fabric of our days,
Dear Lord, You do not stand from us apart.

3 Our faith may flicker low, and hope grow dim,
Yet You, O God, are with us in our pain;
You grieve with us and for us day by day,
And with us, sharing sorrow, will remain.

4 Because Your Son knew agony and loss,
Felt desolation, grief and scorn and shame,
We know You will be with us, come what may,
Your loving presence near, always the same.

5 Through long grief-darkened days help us, dear Lord,
To trust Your grace for courage to endure,
To rest our souls in Your supporting love,
And find our hope within Your mercy sure.

Joy F. Patterson

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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