Matins on Mondays

Mk1,40-45 Jesus heals a leper

Here is this mornings sermonette held on the gospel of St. Mark the first chapter verses 40-45: Matins Mk1,40-45. Here you can also listen to the audio file: 

We sang the lovely Hymn by Ludwig Helmbold (1552-1598) in the English translation by Gerald Torsen, Joseph Herl et al:

From God can nothing move me; He will not step aside
But gently will reprove me And be my constant guide.
He stretches out His hand in evening and in morning,
My life with grace adorning wherever I may stand.

When those whom I regarded as trustworthy and sure
Have long from me departed, God’s grace shall still endure,
He rescues me from sin and breaks the chains that bind me.
I leave death’s fear behind me; His peace I have within.

The Lord my life arranges; Who can His work destroy?
In His good time He changes all sorrow into joy.
So let me then be still: My body, soul, and spirit
His tender care inherit according to His will.

Each day at Hhis good pleasure God’s gracious will is done.
He sent His greatest treasure in Jesus Christ, His Son.
He every gift imparts. The bread of earth and heaven
Are by His kindness given.  Praise Him with thankful hearts!

Praise God with acclamation and in His gifts rejoice.
Each day finds its vocation responding to His voice.
Soon years on earth are past; but time we spend expressing
The love of God brings blessing that will forever last!

Yet even thou I suffer the world’s unpleasantness,
And though the days grow rougher and bring me great distress,
That day of bliss divine, which knows no end or measure,
And Christ, who is my pleasure, forever shall be mine.

For thus the Father willed it, who fashioned us from clay;
And His own Son fulfilled it and brought eternal day.
The Spirit now has come, to us true faith has given;
He leads us home to heaven. O praise the Three in One!

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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