Herrenhuter readings for Sunday, the 8th February 2015


Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom;
and to depart from evil is understanding. (Job 28,28)

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. (James 3:17) 

Wisdom is a gift from God. Some have, others don’t. It’s like faith, love and hope too. Part of this wisdom is to fear God and to depart from all evil. It’s pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Examples of such wise men where Joseph, Daniel, Isaiah and off course Jesus Christ himself. However they are far and few between. Rare birds really!

That’s why we should pray to God continuously and ask for this precious gift of divine and holy wisdom – especially for those, who need it most. Rulers and judges, kings and presidents, bishops and teachers, pastors and elders in congregations, parents and all those in authority. Imagine a society, where such godly wisdom would abound? Even driving in the most serious traffic would be a joy and memorable pleasure!

Our Lord and God invites us: Ask and it will be given to you! If you, who are evil can give good things to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father grant the Holy Spirit to those, who ask him? The Holy Spirit after all leads and guides in all truths. He’s the font of life and all goodness, but also of all wisdom. Therefore continue to call upon the Lord and plead him for this special treasure of true wisdom, insight and doing of God’s most holy will. It is most precious for “the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” (James 3:17)

Lord God, Jesus Christ have mercy on us and send us Your Holy Spirit that he may lead and guide us in all truth – you are the truth. So let him keep us in the communion with You and Your Father now and forever. Amen.

O God, my faithful God, True fountain ever flowing, Without whom nothing is, All perfect gifts bestowing: Give me a healthy frame, And may I have within A conscience free from blame, A soul unstained by sin.

Give me the strength to do With ready heart and willing Whatever you command, My calling here fulfilling. Help me do what I should With all my might, and bless The outcome for my good, For you must give success.

Keep me from saying words That later need recalling; Guard me lest idle speech May from my lips be falling; But when within my place  I must and ought to speak, Then to my words give grace Lest I offend the weak.

Lord, let me win my foes With kindly words and actions, And let me find good friends For counsel and correction. Help me, as You have taught, To love both great and small And by Your Spirit’s might To live in peace with all.

When dangers gather round, Oh, keep me calm and fearless; Help me to bear the cross When life seems dark and cheerless;Help me, as you have taught, To love both great and small And by your Spirit’s might To live at peace with all.

Let me depart this life Confiding in my Saviour; By grace receive my soul That it may live forever; And let my body have A quiet resting place Within a Christian grace And let it sleep in peace.

And on that final day When all the dead are waking. Stretch out Your mighty hand, My deathly slumber breaking. Then let me hear Your voice, Redeem this earthly frame, And bid me to rejoice With those who love Your name.

Hymn # 371 from Lutheran Hymnal Author: Johan Hermann, 1585-1647 tr Catherine Winkworth 1827-1878.  Tune: O Gott, du frommer Gott… 

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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