Herrenhuter readings for Monday, the 8th December 2014

wise-men Thus says the Holy Spirit: “If you seek the Lord, He will be found by you. (2.Chronicles 15,2 NKJV) “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” (Luke 11,10 NKJV)

That is a wonderful promise at the beginning of a week and the start of a new Church Year – especially if you consider the blackouts in our lands, the general uncertainty about the future and our lives in general.  There are lots of questions and so little answers. So much trouble and so little help. Yet the Lord our God let’s us know through his Holy Spirit: “If you seek the Lord, He will be found by you.” That puts everything into proper perspective and into the right context. For if you have found the Lord – better still, if he has found you – then you have nothing to worry about. He will take care of you in good and bad days no matter what.

My old mentor at the Practical theological seminar – Pastor Horst Nickisch – wrote at my farewell from Gr.Oesingen in 1991: “Are you looking for Jesus? Don’t worry. He will find you!” The Lord our God does not hide himself from us for ever. Rather promises us that he will let himself be found by us even as we seek him. We know that ages ago – 2015 years ago – he was to be found in Bethlehem in the manger, wrapped up in swaddling cloths and lying in the arms of his mother, the blessed virgin Mary. The wonderful star guides the way.

Today we find him in his holy means of grace – wrapped up in the pages of the Holy Bible. That’s where he is to be found as he is, speaking words of wisdom, forgiveness and healing, salvation and sanctification. Not just demanding and pointing the way, but rather speaking effective words, which hold, what they promise. Creative and powerful he speaks and behold, it is there and it happens. He has come to seek and to find, to save and redeem the lost. His care and help is aimed especially at those ill, handicapped and poor, who can’t help themselves. He does his wonderful works of miracles and wonders amongst them – granting help and salvation, where it is needed most. Thus letting himself be found by those even, who did not seek him and revealing himself even to those, who were not looking for him at all. That is his unfathomable grace, mercy and goodness!

He hears our prayers and answers them most kindly. He also helps and saves those, who don’t even care. He changes their hardened and calloused hearts into living, caring and hearing hearts even.

Isn’t it wonderful, how the Lord let himself be found by those wise men from the East. In all their wisdom, they would not have found him, if the Lord, would not have guided them faithfully by the promises of old, the prophetic message of the Old Testament – Micha 5. They have always been the example of how God let’s himself be found by those, who are seeking him, who are knocking on doors – the wrong ones in the palace there in Jerusalem for sure – but still he opens up and leads them the correct and better way to finally find the saviour of the world in Bethlehem. God does not only grant, what they seek and want, but also adds more. He guides them to safety and back home even though Herod was trying to prevent this.

Another example of this wonderful practice of God is how he puts himself into the way of Saul – there on the road to Damascus. Now Saul was striving to do good, seeking to please God – but with ignorance and doing exactly the wrong and detrimental things. God however converts him. Changes him onto the right path and leads him in his light to find the truth and the living God in the crucified Jesus Christ after all.

Let us therefore not tire to call upon the Lord in all trouble. Let us seek him as long as he is to be found. Let us research his truth and revelation, where it is given to us – in the holy Bible. Let us hear, learn and believe it gladly. It is a sure and saving light on our path. Let us do this with confidence and a glad heart, because he has promised that he will let himself be found. He will not turn us back empty handed, but rather grant our hearts desires as we pray: “Lord, your will be done!” Just as he did with those countless people, who called upon him “Kyrie eleison!” and he heard their prayers and answered their calls – healed the sick, delivered those bound to freedom, satisfied the hungry and returned sinners to the godly fold and heavenly family.

We pray: Stir up our hearts, O Lord, to make ready the way of Your only-begotten Son, that by His coming we may be enabled to serve You with pure minds; through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Seek Where You May to Find a Way
By: Georg Weissel

Seek were you may  To find a way, Restless, toward your salvation. My heart is stilled,  On Christ I build, He is the one foundation. His word is sure,  His works endure; He over throws  All evil foes;Through him I more than conquer.

Seek whom you may  To be your stay, None can redeem his brother. All helper. Failed;  This man prevailed, The God man and none other, Our Servant King  Of whom we sing. We’re justified Because he died, The guilty being guiltless.

Seek him alone,  Do not postpone; Let him your soul deliver. All you who thirst,  Go to him first Whose grace flows like a river. Seek him indeed  In every need; He will impart  To every heart The fullness of his treasure.

My heart’s delight,  My crown most bright, O Christ, my joy forever. Not wealth nor pride  Nor fortune’s tide Our bonds of love shall sever. You are my Lord; Your precious Word Shall guide my way  And help me stay  Forever in your presence.

Hymn # 358 from Lutheran Worship
Author: Johann Stobaus
Tune: Such, Wer Da Will
1st Published in: 1642

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