MaThuli Bhengu writes: The day-care-centre is here to stay

A great establishment has been fulfilled. We are now running a Day Care Centre, here at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane (Pretoria, South Africa). It was the Bishop’s vision that we should have one, and together with Karin & the rest of our team we implemented this for the benefit of our students and their children. Together we make a good team – hey!

It was first just an ordinary garage, unappealing to the eye, the one you would not want a visitor to see. But now it has bloomed into a stunning place, conducive to learning. I never thought it could look so bright and beautiful. All these changes were made by student pastors and deaconesses. They sacrificed their time and energy. Everything inside was donated by several young women of St. Paul congregation. May God bless them, mightily. We are still in need of more English books.

To be fully competent the deaconesses students have enrolled in an Early Childhood Correspondence course. Karin will continue training them in creative work. She is exceptionally good at it -a good trainer.

We have already started. By “we”, I mean myself – Thuli Bhengu, Karin and Imke, all deaconess students and even the theological students training to become pastors at LTS. They teach them Bible stories and a little bit of Catechism too. So you can see that our children are nourished spiritually, mentally and physically. Our motto is “Train a child in the way he should grow, when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Our children are also motivated to be creative. They use old papers, toilet paper holders, eggs shells, egg tray, corn flake boxes, to mention a few.

We are moving on with times. We have the online reading programme called “Time2Read”. You can see how fascinating and exciting it is to watch those small fingers pressing a mouse. In this regard we thank Marit Paul for her wonderful programme and for training us.

I can assure you, good people, that Day Care Centre is here and is working

Lastly, we are planning to move to larger premises in Mdluli House next year so that we can accommodate more children. This reminds me of what the Bishop said at a meeting with us on Wednesday. He said: “It is my duty to care for children inside and outside the Seminary.”

We therefore appeal to you all, to find it in your hearts to support us financially, so that this project can be prosperous. We shall also appreciate any form of donations

May God bless you.

Thuli Bhengu


About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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