Doxology: 2nd Day

DSC_0600Dean Vilakazi started off the 2nd day of our Doxology conference with a morning devotion in St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Arcadia. The church bell was ringing out loud and clear as the city was getting to work. At the working sessions we use a cow-bell from Botswana, which seems to be something of an institution at Doxology all over.

Dr. Senkbeil lectured on the following topics during the morning session “Shepherding Souls: The classic model for the care of souls in contemporary practice” and “A noble task: A Christ-centered paradigm for pastoral self-care”, while Dr. Yahnke continued in the early afternoon with “Pastoral ethics and spiritual care” before handing back to Dr. Senkbeil to deal with “Authority vs Power: the pastoral Pitfall”. Together they presented the Seminary and Church with the latest Festschrift for Dr. John W. Kleinig: “You, my people, shall be holy” and gave an short insight into the website of Doxology at

In the evening Dean Tsimako from Botswana lead the devotion with a meditation on Psalm 4:8, before we split up into small groups of 5-8 to discuss various case studies from our diverse backgrounds and pastoral experiences. Both professors Senkbeil and Yahnke then commented and illustrated the final joint-sitting in St.Timothy’s. This brought the days proceedings to a thoughtful ending.


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Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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