Daily living as saved sinner …

Christ_of_Saint_John_of_the_CrossIn the conviction that in this life we only fulfil God’s design, I have gained perfect peace in all happenings. I fear nothing more than the devil’s position, the position to do God’s works as sinner i.e. I am afraid of everything. For as the flood of original sin is so overwhelming that Luther articulates my deepest conviction where he states, that the righteous sin even in their best deeds, it appears as if no alternative remains for us but to take up the sin of not doing anything, because we are unable to do anything, anything at all that is not adulterated  with sin. However from this flows the other most vigorous conviction too, that only and solely God’s grace and the precious blood of Christ can help and save us. Therefore again I fear nothing really, for the Lord bears me on his hands, my soul is like clay on his potter’s wheel. He may make from it a vessel for honour or shame – I am content. At night I go to bed with a prayer for mercy and leave all behind me that is done. I cast all anxiety onto him and stand up in the morning as a new person, who after the day’s work will again pray with the Psalmist: All men are liars, yet having the firm resolve to take the cup of salvation and hoping in the Lord, who will break our bonds and deal with us graciously. (Translation of a passage from Heinrich Leo’s  letter to Carl von Rappard in Pinne on 16 March 1847 quoted by H.J. Shoeps in Deutsche Geistesgeschichte der Neuzeit I: Das Zeitalter der Reformation. Pg 273-274)

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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