Hear us, Father, when we pray… (LSB 773)

Church at prayer1During morning devotions in the chapel of St. Timothy at LTS (Pretoria, South Africa) the student of theology Paul Baibai from Sudan chose the following hymn to be included in the second responsive prayer (LSB 285). The lovely melody of “Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit…” underlines and highlights the very comforting and encouraging text:

Hear us, Father, when we pray, through Your Son and in Your Spirit. By Your Spirit’s Word convey all that we through Christ inherit, that as baptized heirs we may truly pray.

When we know not what to say and our wounded souls are pleading, my Your Spirit, night and day, groan within us interceding; by His sighs, too deep for words, we are heard.

Jesus, advocate on high, sacrificed on Calvry’s altar, through Your priestly blood we cry: hear our prayers, though they may falter; place them on Your Father’s throne as your own.

By Your Spirit now attend to our prayers and supplications, as like incense they ascend to Your heav’nly habitations. May their fragrance waft above, God of love.

(Chad L Bird: * 1970.)

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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4 Responses to Hear us, Father, when we pray… (LSB 773)

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  4. Alexander Häfner says:

    This is a very encouraging, deeply going and fitting text!

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