Losung und Lehrtext für Montag, den 22. Oktober 2012

Losung und Lehrtext für Montag, den 22. Oktober 2012: Nicht hat euch der HERR angenommen und euch erwählt, weil ihr größer wäret als alle Völker – denn du bist das kleinste unter allen Völkern -, sondern weil er euch geliebt hat. (5.Mose 7,7-8)

The LORD did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples. But it was because the LORD loved you and kept the oath he swore to your forefathers … ” (Deu 7:7-8a NIV) That’s good news for all of us little ones – those smaller, poorer,  not as smart, well-off, healthy, prosperous and flourishing as others! It’s really good news for the poor, lowly and despised. It’s encouraging even for those, who are afflicted and troubled because of the shocking state of statistics and numbers and income and status and merit on their own part, but also of the size and impact and worthiness of their congregation and church and denomination and even of that of the “one, holy Christian Church” – because God’s love doesn’t depend on “size” – at least not in the sense it does with us and in our evaluation of things and people and even of holy and divine things and matters. Rather surprisingly the triune God turns this human yardstick, this benchmark of natural law, this universal standard of ours upside down. His dealings with Israel go a long way to prove this point. God chose Israel as the smallest and most insignificant of nations so that the gracious nature of his election would be obvious – not due to own strength, merit or other qualifications on its part. And just think of Jesus Christ – deserted, suffering and so despised and discriminated on the Cross. That’s the beloved Son of God – in his final and all surpassing glorification on the Cross.  That’s the decisive message of the triune God in this regard.

His gracious truth of the gospel all boils down to his compensating and reconciling and healing love and mercy and forgiveness – and that’s enough for everyone. With this he covers up, forgives and heals our lack, our loss and our shortcomings with his divine surplus and creativity. For truly, who would not acknowledge that on a realistic scale according to our evaluations and taken just as we are – we’re all more at the bottom end of the scale – stuck helpless in misery, quite unable to save and sanctify ourselves. Thanks be to God that he has loved us from eternity and drawn, saved and redeemed us out of this misery and hopelessness to himself so that we’re not left to our own devices, but rather safe and sound in his care and goodness – right there in the promised land of his godly presence and divine salvation. That’s the divine grace and mercy that creates all goodness out of nothing. Taste and see, how good your Lord is! The Apostle Saint Paul has got it spot-on: “God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things–and the things that are not–to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him.”(1Co 1:28-29 NIV) Das Geringe vor der Welt und das Verachtete hat Gott erwählt, das, was nichts ist, damit er zunichte mache, was etwas ist. (1.Korinther 1,28)

So – take comfort – that means that you too in all your lowliness are not forgotten or outcast, but rather close and dear to God’s own heart. So much so, that the Father gave his only Son Jesus Christ for you – that you are his beloved son and daughter now and forever. He sanctified you and the entire Christian Church – so that now you – like her – are his most precious bride, soul mate,  spouse: spotless, perfect and oh just so pretty and lovely in his sight – because of what he has done and is doing and is going to do for you and her.

The Holy Spirit enlighten, strengthen and keep you in this true and saving faith + as he lives and rules together with the Father and the Son for you and your salvation now and forever + Amen.

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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