Lutheran Order of service for Invocavit

The victory of Christ over Satans temptation

Here is the Lutheran Order of service in both isiZulu and se Tswana for the first Sunday in Lent: Invocavit.

On this Sunday the Church remembers the satanic temptation of the first Adam in Paradise to which he succumbed (OT: Gen.3,1ff) , but also the victory of the second Adam over the devil (Mt.4,1ff) to bring about our redemption and salvation from those original wounds. Praise be to Jesus Christ now and forever – and everybody answer “Amen”! We pray: Kyrie eleison! as we face the temptations of this life, but we gain confidence by looking up at Jesus Christ the author and perfector of our faith. Read in the epistle for today in Hebrews 4,14-16.

We also commemorate the significant sermons of Dr. Martin Luther delivered in Wittenberg to address the “Bilderstuermer” and other fanatics after leaving his exile on the Wartburg prematurely to prevent further damage to the Church reformation in that time. Read these sermons here at this link:

Thanks to the support of pastors in the Lutheran Church of Southern Africa this posting is possible every Sunday. Today’s sermon is on 2.Cor.6,1-10 by Rev. Petrus Lubede and was translated into seTswana by Rev. E.A.W.Weber DD. Here they are in isiZulu: Zulu Sermon for Invocavit on 2.Cor.6,1-10 by Pastor Petrus Lubede and also in seTswana: Tswana Sermon on 2.Cor.6,1-10 for Invocavit by Rev. Petrus Lubede.

About Wilhelm Weber

Pastor at the Old Latin School in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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